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What clients & partners say

Ben Wunsch-Grafton is an extraordinary moderator and facilitator who understands how to grasp and unite incredibly complex systems. He challenges when appropriate and drives teams and organizations to really dig deep. His methods compel his clients to excel in whatever they are after.           Lukas Brunbauer, Business Development Manager, Vienna


I had the opportunity to jointly work on a workshop with Ben and he is an extremely strong and inspiring person, that is willing to give everything to bring out the best in every individual participant.  
... I've rarely met somebody like him who has so much forward drive and energy. I think an encounter with Ben is worth it on any level for anybody.                                                        
Jakob Wetzel, Director at Sybac Solar Japan EPC K.K.

Benjamin is an amazing trainer, facilitator and coach with whom I had the honour of working  with him on several international projects. Here are some of the benefits you can get by working with him:
- Very impressive cross-cultural capacity and ability to train and facilitate diverse cultural groups of any size and shape.
- Multi-sector approach and ability to make any group from any environment/sector become a productive team and reach their goals. From profit to non-profit, to government and even movements and individuals, you can comfortably trust him with the task.
- Very practical in meeting client's needs and goals.
But most importantly he is man of integrity and character. I really enjoyed the time we spent working together.

                                                                                                        Dikran Bertizian, Head trainer at Negotiationlab, Armenia

I have worked with Benjamin Wunsch-Grafton for many years in different constellations and projects of the Goethe-Institut, in Egypt, Germany and now Bulgaria. At the center of his work are people (and the organisation) with his/its creative urge and his/its needs. 

For instance, we developed and constructed together the first “Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament” in 2006 with over 100 young people from all EU countries and from the Arab Mediterranean, Israel and Turkey on the eve of the Arab Spring.

As a consultant, organisational developer & moderator he set up the “Cultural Innovators Network” (the longest project ever supported by the German Foreign Affairs Ministry)  and accompanied it from its very beginning to a self-sustained and self-confident structure. Wunsch-Grafton always manages to convince clients to bring in their own potential. He is a fair advocate of the interests of the participants and represents them towards his client in projects of social, cultural, economic and political significance.

He consulted on international project development and facilitated our team & organisational development events. Additionally Wunsch-Grafton also moderated many HQ, national & international meetings and workshops for the Goethe-Institut.

He also has been supporting the HQ from 2007 to the present to build the culture & development unit establishing it as a transversal theme & quality criteria throughout Goethe-Institut’s internal and external work.

                                                                    Enzio Wetzel, Former deputy Head of  the Strategy & Evaluation Dept. & Head of                               Culture & Development, Goethe-Institut HQ, Present: Director of Goethe-Institut Kyoto, Japan

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